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Dignity: Pause for Thought BBC Radio 2 July 21, 2017

It can be a challenge to maintain your dignity sometimes. I remember when I became a Krishna monk many years ago and donned the orange robes to venture forth on to the streets. Hare Krishna devotees were not a familiar sight at the time, and we would often encounter a spirited response from onlookers, as we sang and danced our way along the road. On one occasion I was showered with a can of beer, and it took strong resolve on my part to keep my composure.

It’s much better these



Lost Love

Love must be one of the most over used and perhaps undervalued words in the dictionary. I’m just as guilty as anyone else, declaring my love for cheese on toast, lying in the sun, or, confession time, Raymond Chandler.
In the true sense of the word I wouldn’t say I really love any of those things. For me love means an awful lot more than just liking something rather a lot. Actually in the language of my scriptures, Sanskrit, the word love is only used in connection



Festive Food (Pause for Thought, BBC Radio 2, June 29th)

When I first moved into a Krishna temple, back in the 70s, I discovered that the founder of the Hare Krishna society had dubbed his movement ‘the kitchen religion’. I was somewhat bemused by this – but, as a young man in my 20’s with a keen interest in eating, I was not entirely averse to the idea.
And I soon found out the reason for this culinary epithet when, a few weeks later, a festival was celebrated in the temple. To my amazement and delight a colourful array of vegetarian

Distorted time



The Longest Day (BBC Pause for Thought 22 June 2017)

Officially, the summer solstice is the longest day – almost 17 hours of broad daylight. However, in my experience the length of the day depends largely upon what I happen to be doing. How could I ever forget, for example, those interminable history lessons at school. The clock on the wall all but froze as the teacher apprised us of the fascinating exploits of Oliver Cromwell and his gallant roundheads.
Thankfully I am no longer subjected to such torture, but now I find that on the sacred days when I



English bhajan lyrics


Complexion that conquers storm clouds gathering
Lord of lovers and great sea of all ecstasies
Peacock plume in his crown angled auspiciously
Worship Krishna dark jewel son of Vrindavan’s king
bhaja-krishna-nidhim vraja-râja-sutam

His eyebrows like rainbows both broadly bending
A million full moons fail to match his beauty
Sparkling speech on his lips ever smiling sweetly
Worship Krishna dark jewel son of Vrindavan’s king.
bhaja-krishna-nidhim vraja-râja-sutam

Due to Cupid’s confusions his limbs shivering,
Ever dazzlingly dressed for Vrindavan’s delight
Like two blue lotus blossoms

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Brilliant As The Sun

A dramatization of Srimad Bhagavatam, India’s greatest spiritual classic.

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Vidagdha Madhava verses by Rupa Goswami

Purva raga

Dear friend, the trembling of my heart can never find a cure.
No herb or medicine or balm, my beating breast can calm.
For this disease one remedy will bring relief for sure,
but that alas will soon produce painful opprobrium.

My friend I am severely struck and all my sense departs,
when Krishna’s name enters my ears and lodges in my heart.
And then there is another one whose flute enchants my mind,
seizing it with such madness that I can no peace find.
Again there is a third one, whose brilliance I see
in pictures of

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