Divine Protection (Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 6) Posted in: Books by Krishna Dharma

In this volume, we see how Krishna saves his devotee from degradation. Beginning with the famous story of Ajamila, the brahmin who fell from an exalted position to become a ruthless robber and cheat, only to be miraculously redeemed at the very moment of death. Then we hear how Indra, king of the gods, insulted his guru and as a result was overpowered by the demonic races, led by Vritra, a supernatural colossus who had been conjured for the god’s destruction. The twist in this tale is that the demon was a great saintly devotee of Krishna. Finally, we hear how Diti, mother of the demons, gains her salvation.

Through all these narrations we see how, no matter how fallen you are, if you have any divine service to your credit, Krishna will find a way to save you.

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