Wasting my rare human birth. Posted in: Vaishnava songs




durlabha manava-janma labhiya samsare
krsna na bhajinu — duhkha kahibo kahare?

Born in this rare human body, I did not worship you.
Now Lord I am left lamenting. Who shall I tell this to?

‘samsar’ ‘samsar’, ko’re miche gelo kal
labha na koilo kichu, ghatilo janjal

My time passed in wordly pursuits, without the slightest gain.
My one and only profit was pure anguish and pain.

kiser samsar ei chayabaji pray
ihate mamata kori’ brtha dina jay

This world has no more meaning than a magical display.
Caught up in it with no purpose, my life passes away.

e deho patana ho’le ki ro’be amar?
keho sukha nahi dibe putra-paribar

When at last I drop down dead, what will I then possess?
How then will friends and family afford me happiness?

gardhaber mata ami kori parisram
ka’r lagi’ eto kori, na ghucilo bhram

Why do I work just like an ass each and every day?
Despite my hard endeavour still in darkness I do stay.

dina jay micha kaje, nisa nidra-base
nahi bhavi — marana nikate ache bo’se

Wasting my days in useless work, losing my nights in sleep.
Never seeing that by my side, death does his vigil keep.

bhalo manda khai, heri, pari, cinta-hina
nahi bhavi, e deho chadibo kon dina

Dressing myself so carefully, eating just as I choose.
Living carefree I cannot see that soon this body I’ll lose.

deho-geho-kalatradi-cinta abirata
jagiche hrdoye mor buddhi kori’ hata

In truth I am always anxious, to maintain me and mine.
Ever perplexed by pressing woes, crushing my heart and mind.

hay, hay! nahi bhavi — anitya e saba
jivana bigate kotha rohibe baibhava?

Alas, alas, for my poor plight; unheeding of my death.
What in this world will still be mine after my final breath?

smasane sarir mama podiya rohibe
bihanga-patanga tay bihar koribe

Then this body will lie quite still in the cremation ground
Jackals and crows, ants and worms, will soon gather around.

kukkur srgal sab anandita ho’ye
mahotsava koribe amar deho lo’ye

They will then be in ecstasy, enjoying a great feast.
This body will be a festival, for every bug and beast.

je deher ei gati, ta’r anugata
samsar-baibhava ar bandhu-jana jata

Thus ends my beloved body, with house and family.
And all that I proudly possess, will all but dust soon be.

ataeva maya-moha chadi’ buddhiman
nitya-tattva krsna-bhakti korun sandhan

Be wise then and abandon now, your worldly illusion
Seek out at once the only truth; Krishna’s pure devotion.